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Disaster Relief and Emergency Relief

Eastside Church leaders historically make relief opportunities available for those wishing to assist. Disaster Relief includes fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural or manmade disasters affecting large numbers of people. Information about current Disaster Relief support operations is provided below

Emergency Relief efforts are individual challenges involving loss of a house, catastrophic medical, or other individual financial crisis of a substantial nature. Due to the concern for privacy, less information about Emergency Relief is provided.

Supported efforts receive all contributions received. Funds may be distributed to a local congregation or through a recognized organization such as Church of Christ Disaster Relief.

Past disaster Efforts

Past assistance efforts include fires in Oregon and California, including the Paradise fire.

Support for several hurricanes was provided in years past.

Past Emergency Efforts

Past assistance included assistance for bone marrow transplant costs as a catastrophic medical issue.

Housing repair for a missionary was provided for a one time damage.

Current Relief Efforts

We are currently collecting Funds to provide relief in Salmon Arm following the church shooting there. Eastside provided support there for many decades. Prior to the shooting the person killed was the victim of a fire and were still recovering from that personal disaster. We will collect for this need for at least 30 days. We will post a cut off date in the future. To donate please use the button below.

Any funds collected outside designated periods are saved for the next approved relief effort.