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Eastside collects mission can bank funds twice a year. Members collect change primarily to offset costs of members going for a short term mission. Funds collected from this contribution button are added to those funds.

Recently these funds were used to provide assistance and materials for a VBS in South America. In absence of a member need, the mission committee authorized funds to purchase Bibles for a foreign mission and to offset non-members costs for mission related expenses.

Since these funds are designated funds they roll over fiscal years if not expended and are added to the following year.


FRance: the Mohsens

Greetings from our home to yours.

On Sunday night, April 14, for the first time since we have been in Paris, we had four preachers present --Brother Mike Clinton and his wife from Lima Ohio; Brother Ose Louis Alvaredo Amparu and his wife from Los Angeles; Brother Michel Gnana from India; and myself.

Since May I have been studying the Bible with Jean Jacques every Friday after his work. Our study lasts for at least two hours each time. At the same time, I am studying the Bible twice a week with Sister Sophia Mesli.

Four Ghanaian teenagers are presently taking Bible courses with me: one is doing well on them and I will not be surprised if he will soon put on Christ.

Since last year, Joseph and Marie Philogene have been coming to worship. They are from Haiti, in their 60’s, and decided to put on Christ in baptism, Sunday, June 16th. This makes four baptisms so far this year. May God be glorified.

Once again, blessings upon each one of you and may God give you good spiritual and physical health. Thank you for your prayers and support.

--In Him, Roland Mohsen